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When I first heard the term MILF (mum I’d like to f*ck), I was as appalled as I was excited. Excited because motherhood was clearly getting a vital makeover and appalled because I felt the term was yet another way to reduce women to a sex object.   But when my Facebook followers began to dub me “Dr. MILF,” I looked around at my day (I have two kids and a
mortgage) filled with
runny noses, homework tantrums and the like, and decided that even this limited compliment
glamourised my life a bit.   After all, single mothers are a valuable
demographic to men looking for a life partner. But the problem with some men who date MILFs is they forget the most important thing: A good MILF is a mother first and foremost. This means you need to change your game. Here’s how.

1. Patience is the name of the game

The one thing a MILF is in short supply of is time. Between working and raising kids, her social calendar is small and a tad inked in. So be patient. Book ahead. And don’t expect her to be available three nights a week.

2. Become a Mr. Fix-It

We all know that every man loves to solve problems. And dad-less homes usually have a lot of tiny problems. You may not be a handyman (and if you
are, you’ll be a shoe-in), but I bet you can move some furniture around for her, download a new program for her computer or improve on her audio/visual system. Some MILFs can do these things themselves, but it’s so much fun to watch a man do it.

3. Understand if she is protective of her kids

Here’s a disturbing statistic: When children live in a home with a non-biologically-related adult male (mummy’s boyfriend), they are 11 times more likely to experience sexual, physical or emotional abuse. Here’s another one: A common way that pedophiles gain access to victims is to date their mother. A good, responsible mother will be aware of the dangers and may be overly vigilant about exposing you to them at the beginning.

Smart men know that if they are in the market for a grown-up woman who is mature, responsible and commitment-oriented, a single mother is a sure bet. And watching how she cares for and shapes her kids’ behaviour is a secret window into how she’ll treat you down the road. It’s a big responsibility to date a MILF. But the payback is a solid woman who can protect your back like a mother bear. Oh, and, yes, there’s that “F” part.

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