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Dating tips – Things Men Should NEVER Say to a Woman


The last thing a guy needs when he’s with a woman is for her to think that he’s insecure. Here are some things that we men should never say to women.

  • Never criticize a woman’s “boy” friends. This should never be done, especially if you have never met this “boy” friend, or if you have just met the woman. This gives her the impression that you are insecure about other guys being around her.
  • “I’ll call you on Friday” – making the next step is always good – if you are a door-to-door salesman, but never if talking to women. 1. Because you are showing her that you are predictable, and 2. Because it ruins any chance of her calling you again.
  • Anything that shouts “future” – Usually when a guy hangs out with a woman, and she tells him about something she likes to do, the guy will usually see that as an opportunity to set a “future date”. For example, if she says “I love Italian food” the guy would usually respond, “so do I. we should get some sometime.” Though this sounds good, she’ll eventually start to lose interest in you because you’re not much of a challenge anymore. It’s nice to actually connect with someone, but if you imply about hanging out again and again, she’ll know that you’re really into her and that means she has won.
  • Never ask if she likes you. Asking a woman if she likes you shows a complete lack of confidence. It is better to “assume” that she likes you.
  • Don’t brag. If you brag about your job, your car, or your bank records, she might be attracted to your material things, rather than attracted to you. You may attract some women with this, but don’t expect it to last.
  • “What do you want to do?” NEVER ask this, especially if you were the one to call her to hang out. You should show the woman that you could show her a good time, instead of making her show you one.
  • And finally,
  • Never ask her for a kiss. This goes against everything a woman looks for in a man. It’s like telling her “I’m not man enough.” She may say yes, but it doesn’t mean that she means it.

Never show women that you are insecure and always have a game plan for every date.

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